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Ross Gardam Feature Article on The Local Project

From Strength to Strength

Since Ross Gardam established his eponymous industrial design studio in 2007, the studio has gone from strength to strength, growing the team and debuting collections to widespread acclaim locally and internationally.

Now, the Melbourne-based design team have recently moved into a new studio in Brunswick. Previously based in the CBD, the new space, which they share with MRTN Architects, triples their studio space with room for a meeting room, design studio and workshop.

‘This year has by far been our largest from both a product output perspective and external exhibition, with the studio fit out and such’, says Ross. A brief overview of the year to date shows how necessary it was to expanding into the new studio. So far in 2018 Ross Gardam have previewed the ‘Noon’ collection during Milan Design Week with Local Design, launched the brand in New York at ICFF (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair) and released the new collection ‘Adapt’, as well as lighting products ‘Ora’ and ‘Hemera’.

The new studio space will facilitate the growing team of eight’s design process, which involves each designer working on one or two products at any given time, in close collaboration with

Ross. ‘This is a nice way to work’, he says, and the approach ‘exposes everyone to the full gamut of stages in the design process, as well as keeping me busy overseeing multiple projects’.  Ross is hesitant to define a signature aesthetic or style to his work, preferring to ‘leave that to others to judge’. Nevertheless, Ross Gardam designs have become known for their radical simplicity. Click the following link to read the full article by The Local Project which was publish this October. Read it here.

A special thank you to the team at The Local Project

Photography by Dave Kulesza