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Behind the Manufacturing Process – Silhouette Glass


Each of the Ross Gardam Silhouette Glass shades are individually hand blown to create their beautiful and unique shape. Each shade is skilfully hand-crafted by the glass blowers at Adelaide’s Jam Factory. The process involves placing a hollow steel tube into a hot furnace of molten glass. The tube is then turned to gather up the glass on the end. Once enough glass has been gathered, it is rolled across a large steel table called a marver.

Intermittently, the hollow tube is blown into to create a bubble of air within the glass. The rolling and blowing actions help to shape and form the glass. The process of heating and gathering more glass, and rolling and blowing is repeated several times until the shape of the glass starts to form. The glass form is then placed into a metal mould and hand blown into one final time to set to the form of the silhouette shade. Once the shade has been set,

the glass is removed from the end of the tube. The glass is then placed in a kiln to stabilise. The bottom edge of the shade is then ground against a rotating disk to create a nice, smooth surface. Finally a hole is drilled into the top of the shade using a diamond drill.

Each shade is then carefully assembled in our studio to create the Silhouette Pendants and Flare Wall Lights. The glass shades are available in several beautiful hues: Amber, Blue and Black.