golden circles



Vestige was conceived as an optical device to create a sense of wonderment. Featuring a solid parabolic cone with a concave face that emerges from within a monolithic rectangular base. Made from cast crystal glass by renowned glass artist Peter Kovacsy, Vestige celebrates the allure, texture, and volume of glass.

Intentionally ambiguous, the brutalist inspired sculptural form reveals its archetype when illuminated. The cast glass is maximised in scale and volume amplifying the radiance. This unique table lamp uses the delicacy of lit cast glass to not only astound but to create a small moment in time for wonder.

Born from a collaboration with glass artist Peter Kovacsy, whose practice spans three decades. As a sculptural artist Kovacsy’s work with large scale cast glass reflects the remote southern area of the Western Australian environment.

This collaboration connects Kovacsy’s unique talents with Gardam’s geometric sensitivity and fascination with the illuminated surreal. Vestige’s, minimalistic shapes are created through an ardently elaborate process. Each cast glassform is coupled with a raw aluminium base and machined conical dimmer, handmade, polished and waxed.